Contests for traders

Contests for traders are a great chance for self-development. Some contests allow to test the strategy and also get the prize, the others allow to get training and real reward or fight with colleagues in the demo tournament. Section is constantly updated with new exciting and helpful contests, so it is worthy of close attention.

“Demo Forex” contest is a chance to spend time studying Forex trading and get the real reward for your time spent. On monthly results, 10 winners get real money on their trading account. The prize fund is USD 3,000 every month.

You can learn how to trade or develop new strategies, test expert advisors, but when taking part in a competition, you also get a chance to win a prize and receive a reward for your perseverance and desire. “Demo Forex” contest is a great chance to start Forex trading without having to invest your own funds.


RoboForex conducts a weekly "Trade day" contest. The winner receives $350. It will be anyone who is confident in the integrity of their trading strategy. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to test new techniques or check an expert adviser in action. Your reward for successful action would be a victory in the contest and a cash prize.

Imagine: you just hone a well-established strategy or try something new in trading. As a result, you get additional $350 per week. Not bad? If you agree, please read the terms and conditions of the contest.


Virtual account – real prize! Every week, from 8:00 pm Thursday to 8:00 pm Friday, traders earn real money with the help of demo trading. You can spend these 24 hours on learning the basics of trading on the foreign exchange market, without any risk! Time is money, so the best and most successful "students" get real financial compensation for their actions. Get wants and needs met every week!

The KingSize MT5 contest allows everyone to start trading on the Forex market without risking their own funds. Read the terms of the contest and win!