Each year automated trading becomes more and more popular. The main reason for the popularity of trading robots can be independence from emotions, strict adherence to the rules of the trading system and the ability to trade around the clock. In addition, for many traders, especially the beginners, it is much easier to purchase or download an expert advisor than to trade on their own, delving into the intricacies of the trading system.

New Forex expert advisors appear regularly due to the fact that it is hard for a human to abandon the idea of earning without applying even the minimum of effort. Unfortunately, far not every trading robot is able to provide stable growth of the deposit.

Any trends in the field of automatic trading are of course backtested and tend to show a great result. But we can only talk about the profitability and stability of the expert advisor after its test in real conditions. That is why it is so difficult to select the worthwhile trading robot from the variety of new products.

Stable new Forex expert advisors

As a rule, profitable advisor remains popular for many years. Over time, it acquires a variety of addons, new versions are regularly released with corrected settings, although the basic algorithm does not change. Such MTS can also be attributed to new products.

Quite often, new Forex expert advisors are based on well-known trading systems. For example, an Alligator EA is built on Bill Williams’ cognominal trading system, but the author has introduced an additional filter to enter the market. Different versions of MTS called Extreme Bar also fail to offer a revolutionary approach to market analysis. Trading is based on the breakthrough and prices rebound from the channel boundaries. The EA builds the channel itself.


The list of noteworthy expert advisors includes the EA based on the index of the dollar – Dollar Index Modifier. The algorithm of this robot is closed, but the author argues that in calculating the entry/exit points the EA applies the currency “strength” index, which is calculated on the basis of the dollar index.


The Artificial Intelligence expert advisor can also be singled out – it is remarkable by the fact that it can trade profitably both at the trending market segment and at a sideway movement. Its disadvantages include the closed code – you will have to change the settings at your own risk. Also, the result is strongly dependent on the currency pair and timeframe.

Expert advisors that bring maximum profit

Among the many new products, we can note several robots with the best risk and profitability ratio. Thus, the fifth version of the Volatility Factor EA allows trading when having only $200 in the account. At that, profit comes up to 20-25% per month – of course, unprofitable segments can also be met, but their number is small. Within the year, Volatility Factor closed only 3 months with a loss.

Forex Cash Printer emerged in the summer of 2013: within 3 months of trading it showed a profit of 215%, and the tests were carried out in the summer – a period of calm in the foreign exchange market. But there is no information about how it works, settings, or deposit requirements.

The novelties of 2014 also include Argo expert advisor: the author argues that it is able to bring up to 80% profit per month, operating in a fully automated mode. The only thing known about the algorithm of Argo is that it uses 3 trend indicators to analyze the market, and that the EA code contains a block that keeps out random price fluctuations.


New Forex expert advisors will also suit the adherents of a calmer trading style. They should pay attention to the Forex FX Flash EA. It does not promise to increase the deposit several times over a couple of months, but guarantees a stable income (at least 3-5% per 1 month). Its disadvantage is the required amount of the deposit – starting from $500.

Major trends in the field of automated trading

After analyzing the most popular new Forex expert advisors, the following features of the trade automation can be mentioned:

  • overwhelming majority of expert advisors are either scalping or gridding. This is due to human’s desire to make a profit as soon as possible, and the main effect of trade automation is noticeable at a large number of transactions. If the market is entered once a day, there will be no big difference between the manual and automated trading system;
  • another feature of most of the new MTS is the closed code. Because of this, it is impossible to understand the principle of the EA, and the selection of parameters has to be done blindly.


However, there are options of new products created for the medium and even long-term trading. For example, an adviser called XE Pauk was created for trading on timeframes from H4 (preferably on the EUR/USD currency pair). The abundance of settings allows to set the mode of the EA operation for any conditions.


What new Forex expert advisors are worth paying attention to?

It is impossible to mention all the new MTS, and it is even more difficult to choose the advisor that will be able to steadily increase the deposit for a long time. It is at this stage that many beginners make the mistake and only pay attention to the amount of the profits.

Without a doubt, this parameter is very important, but you also need to take into account such parameters as the expected payoff (the bigger this value, the better), maximum drawdown, the recovery factor. The required minimum deposit is also important.


With this in mind, often the attractive at first glance expert adviser will siphon off the deposit in a few months. It should be remembered that the main criterion when choosing MTS remains stable earnings, while its size is on the 2nd place.

Therefore, you should be wary of the expert advisors that guarantee multiple deposit growth within a few months. Of course, you shouldn’t completely abandon their use, but prior to experimenting with a real account, it is desirable to backtest an expert advisor.

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